Surgical Orthodontics

Orthognathic Surgery in Fort Walton Beach & DeFuniak Springs

Some orthodontic problems may require surgery. We’ll take care of you every step of the way.

About Surgical Orthodonitcs

Surgical orthodontics, also known as orthognathic surgery, is collaborative orthodontic treatment used to correct severe and complex craniofacial cases that involve the mouth, jaw, face, and skull. 

Typically, braces are placed and teeth are aligned for about one year prior to surgery. When the teeth are in an ideal position, the orthognathic surgery is performed followed by a recovery period of about two weeks. After this, patients often will wear their braces for a few more months while we fine tune to help them achieve their new smile.

If required Dr. Zwickel will work closely with your maxillofacial surgen to ensure you receive the care you deserve. 

Common Questions About Orthognathic Surgery

What situations might require surgical orthodontics?

Surgical orthodontics is for adults whose jaws don’t line up correctly and who can’t achieve a proper bite with orthodontic treatment alone. Some adults elect surgery for aesthetic reasons.

Only patients whose jaw bones are done growing (by age 16 for females and 18 for males) can be candidates for surgery.

Cases that might necessitate surgery include severe malocclusion (bad bite) and jaw-bone abnormalities.

How do I know if I need orthognathic surgery?

Depending on the severity of your case and the alignment of your jaw, you may or may not need surgery. After a consultation, Dr. Zwickel can tell you if orthognathic surgery is needed as part of your treatment.

How does orthognathic surgery work?
  1. If you need surgical orthodontics, Dr. Zwickel will coordinate with an excellent oral and maxillofacial surgeon to ensure that you receive the best care possible.
  2. In a hospital, your surgeon performs your orthognathic surgery to properly align your jaw. The procedure can take several hours depending on the individual case. 
  3. Orthognathic surgery is a major treatment, so following your procedure you need a two-week rest period. Schedule some time away from work and school during the healing process. 
  4. After your jaw has healed, Dr. Zwickel places your braces for six to 12 months to fine-tune your bite. Finally, you wear a retainer to help maintain your new smile.
What are the risks associated with orthognathic surgery?

As with any medical procedure, certain risks come with having orthognathic surgery. However, orthognathic surgery has been performed for many years in practices and hospitals with outstanding outcomes.

Your comfort is our priority. If you're concerned about an upcoming orthognathic surgery, call us! We’re happy to answer all your questions and give you any additional information.


What are the benefits of having orthognathic surgery?

Orthognathic surgery can help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. Orthognathic surgery can help restore your confidence, fortify your health, and leave you smiling for many years to come.

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