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Meet the Sandy Smiles Orthodontics team

Each member of our highly experienced team is committed to your care and making your smile journey as easy as possible.



Director of Human Resources & Treatment Coordinator

Amanda comes to our team with over 14 years experience in orthodontics! Amanda believes that orthodontic treatment should be a positive and exciting journey. At Sandy Smiles Ortho we do just that plus we add a little fun along the way. Seeing the positive changes in our patients' self-esteem, as they complete treatment, is so rewarding for her. The military has relocated Amanda and her family to Nebraska but we are beyond ecstatic that she is still part of our team as our remote treatment coordinator!  

Are you a morning person?

Abosultely NOT!  Just ask my husband Jessie and my two kids.  

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

To freeze time because my kids are growing up way too fast!

What is your biggist pet peeve?

Laziness drives me crazy.

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Laboratory Technician

Kay loves being part of an incredible team that transforms the lives of our patients by giving them amazing smiles! She treasures all the friendships she's made with our team and patients. She takes such good care of us by keeping our facility in tip top shape and cooking us her famous Pilipino food! Kay fabricates custom orthodontic appliances and retainers so patients can keeps their beautiful smiles for a lifetime. 

What's the closest thing to real magic?

It was real magic when I married by husband, Dave.

What chore is your least favorite?

That's easy, laundry!

What is your favorite holiday?

Christmas! I love celebrating Jesus' birthday with her kids and grandkids!

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Treatment Coordinator; Community Relations Coordinator


Treatment Coordinator

Emily is a Ft. Walton Beach native and started her dental career over 10 years ago. She is ecstatic to be a member of the Sandy Smiles Ortho Team and absolutetly loves helping patients create beautiful smile while having fun along the way. Emily is always looking for ways for us to get out and serve our community!  Outside of the office she and her husband, Robby, are busy keeping up their 2 amazing girls and making delicious charcuterie boards for her family and friends.

What chore is your least favorite?

Putting away the never ending pile of laundry!

Favorite show to binge watch?

I love to sit and watch netflix with my 12 year old, her favorite is Big Shot.

What is your favorite holiday?

Easter, such a great time of year to celebrate hope. 

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Certified Orthodontic Assitant; Orthodontic Supply and Safety Manager

Karen has over 30 years in orthodontics as a clinical assistant! She has an eye for detail and efficiency and is great at teaching others. She helps make sure our clinic runs smoothly while getting to know each and every patient. Karen also keeps our office current on all OSHA standards so our patient family and team stay safe.  Karen and her husband, Phil love the water and look forward to spending their weekends fishing, scuba diving and sailing.

What is the best band of all time?

That's a tough one, I love 80's music.  I'm going to have to go with Bon Jovi. C'mon Jon Bon Jovi's hair was the best!

If you could travel anywhere for free, where would you go?

The Galapagos Islands. There are so many incredible scuba diving spots.

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

To breathe underwater, like Aquaman.

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Certified Orthodontic Assistant; Technical Support Manager

Kelly started with us with amazing orthodontic experience. She loves to watch our patients smiles transform!  She keeps our team and patients laughing and smiling with her bubbly personality. Kelly and her family moved to Florida over a year ago from Michigan and absolutely loves the weather and going to the beach. She and her husband are great bowlers and like to cheer on their football teams on the weekends.

What is your favorite holiday?

I love all the lights and decor over the Christmas holiday!

What is the best band of all time?

Garth Brooks is the best!

Are you a morning person?

Absolutely, I love being up early to get my day started!



Patient Coordinator

Deborah is the highlight of everyone's day!  Her enthusiasm for life is contagious. She is a great multitasker, taking care of scheduling patients, confirming insurance benefits and communicating with our patient family. She is loved by our patients for making everyone feel like someone.  When not spreading joy at the office, Deborah can be found watching sunrises and sunsets with her husband Dee or visiting with their children and grandchildren.

What was your favorite car?

My absolute favorite car was my 1990 Daihatsu, "Rocky".  It had no A/C but that car loved me and took such good care of me for 10 years!

Favorite TV show to binge watch?

The Andy Griffith Show for all the wonderful life lessons.

What is the best band of all time?

The Temptations. The quintet is indisputably the greatest singing group of all time.

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Certified Orthodontic Assistant; Digital Marketing Specialist

Tashara is passionate about being an orthodontics Assistant. She loves spending time with her two beautiful daughters who says keep her on her toes.
What is your favorite TV show?
Law in order 
Favorite holiday?
My personal favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas 
If you had a super power, what would it be?
If I had a superpower, it would be to be invisible, so that I can spy on my daughters when they’re being super quiet

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