Unlocking Your Best Smile: A Guide to Adult Orthodontics

Learn about adult orthodontics and discover if you are eligible!

November 2, 2023

What is Adult Orthodontics and Are You Eligible?

Orthodontics isn't just for teenagers anymore. As adult teeth straightening options have expanded and improved over the years, more and more adults are seeking the perfect smile they might not have achieved during their younger years. In fact, according to the American Association of Orthodontists, one in four orthodontic patients is now over the age of 18. 


Adult orthodontics offers a chance to rectify oral issues, boost self-confidence, and improve overall dental health. But how do you know if you're a good candidate for this dental endeavor? In this guide, we will delve into what adult orthodontics entails and help you determine whether you're eligible for this transformative journey towards a flawless smile.


Intrigued? Read on to explore the world of adult orthodontics, understand its myriad benefits, and learn how to kickstart your personal journey toward achieving the smile you've always desired.


What is Adult Orthodontics?

Adult orthodontics, as the name suggests, is a branch of dentistry that addresses the correction of teeth alignment, bite issues, and jaw irregularities in adults. 


Unlike the orthodontic treatments often associated with adolescence, adult orthodontics is tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by mature dental structures. The goal? To provide a harmonious balance between aesthetics and function, thus ensuring a healthy, attractive smile regardless of age.


Now, you may wonder, how does adult orthodontics differ from treatments offered to children or teens? Firstly, the jawbone of an adult has stopped growing, making certain conditions slightly more complex to correct. 


Secondly, adults may have a history of dental issues like cavities, gum disease, or missing teeth, which can add an extra layer of complexity to the treatment plan.


Common issues addressed by adult orthodontics include:


  • Misaligned teeth: Perhaps the most obvious concern, misaligned teeth can be straightened regardless of age, improving not only appearance but also oral hygiene.
  • Overbite or Underbite: Correcting an improper bite can alleviate jaw pain, and even speech or chewing difficulties.
  • Spacing or Crowding: Whether it's gaps between teeth or overcrowded molars, adult orthodontics offers solutions to attain a well-spaced smile.
  • Jaw Disorders: Sometimes, it's not just the teeth but the jaw that requires realignment. By addressing jaw disorders, orthodontics can significantly improve one's quality of life.


Despite the challenges, there are many benefits of undergoing orthodontic treatment as an adult.. With advancements in dental technology, options like clear aligners and ceramic braces have made treatment more discreet and convenient than ever before.


Adult orthodontics is not merely about achieving a picture-perfect smile; it's about enhancing your oral health and, by extension, your overall well-being. So, if you've been contemplating whether to take the plunge, understanding the full scope and potential of adult orthodontics is your first step toward making an informed decision.


Benefits of Adult Orthodontics

Embarking on an orthodontic journey isn't merely about straightening a crooked smile, although that's undoubtedly a significant perk. Adult orthodontics extends far beyond aesthetics, delving into profound benefits that can considerably enhance one's quality of life. Here are some of the advantages of opting for adult orthodontic treatment:

1. Improved Oral Health

Misaligned teeth can be a harbor for food particles, making them difficult to clean and prone to decay and gum disease. Straight teeth, on the other hand, are easier to clean and floss, promoting better oral hygiene and, consequently, reducing the risk of dental issues down the line.

2. Boosted Self-Confidence

A straight, beautiful smile can work wonders for your self-esteem. Whether it's social interactions or professional engagements, having a smile you're proud of can significantly boost your confidence and the impression you make on others.

3. Enhanced Functionality

Orthodontic issues can interfere with essential functions like chewing and speaking. By rectifying issues such as overbites, underbites, or crossbites, adult orthodontics can improve your bite, making eating and speaking more comfortable and efficient.

4. Reduced Discomfort and Pain

Misaligned teeth and jaw issues can lead to chronic discomfort or even pain. By addressing these orthodontic concerns, you can alleviate associated discomfort, preventing further complications in the future.

5. Preventive Care

Adult orthodontics can act as a preventive measure, averting potential problems like abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, chewing problems, and misalignment of the jaw joint.

Are You Eligible for Adult Orthodontics?

For people interested in adult orthodontics, it's never too late to enhance your smile. Regardless of your age or dental history, adult orthodontics opens up a world of possibilities to improve oral health and achieve a smile that radiates confidence. Unlike the common misconception, the journey towards a well-aligned smile isn't exclusive to adolescents. It's a journey that welcomes everyone, with the promise of transformation and newfound self-assurance.


Adult orthodontics offers tailored solutions that match your unique circumstances, ensuring that the path to a better smile is accessible to all. With modern advancements in dental technology, orthodontic treatments have become more efficient, less conspicuous, and remarkably adaptable to the busy lifestyles of adults.


Your eligibility for adult orthodontics is not a question of if, but how. How can orthodontics cater to your individual needs? How can it pave the way towards not only a captivating smile but also better oral health and an enhanced quality of life? The answers to these questions begin with a simple yet crucial step: a consultation with a reputable orthodontist. This initial meeting is your gateway to understanding the various treatment options available and how they can be tailored to meet your goals.


Adult Orthodontics Treatment Options

There are a variety of treatment options available to people interested in adult orthodontics each designed to cater to different needs, preferences, and lifestyles. Here’s a glimpse into some of the most popular treatment alternatives that can pave the way to your dream smile:

  • Traditional Braces: The classic choice, traditional braces, have come a long way with smaller brackets and color choices. They are a cost-effective solution to treat a wide range of orthodontic issues.
  • Light Force: LightForce braces are a high-tech braces system that use 3D printing technology and fully digital treatment planning to create fully customized braces for each patient. Each tooth-specific bracket is individually crafted to ensure a perfect fit for each of your teeth. This results in shorter treatment times and fewer visits to our office. LightForce Braces feature slim, clear ceramic brackets, offering a discreet and attractive braces solution.
  • Clear Aligners: Innovations like Invisalign have revolutionized adult orthodontics. Clear aligners are virtually invisible, removable, and a fantastic choice for those seeking a discreet solution.
  • Self-Ligating Braces:  We are proud to offer Damon self-ligating braces. Known for requiring fewer dental visits, self-ligating braces use clips instead of bands to hold the wire in place, reducing friction and potentially providing a more comfortable experience.
  • Retainers and Post-treatment Care: Post orthodontic treatment, retainers are essential to maintain the new position of your teeth. They come in removable or fixed options.


Each treatment option comes with its set of benefits and considerations. Dr. Zwickel, our board-certified orthodontist can provide a detailed consultation to guide you on the most suitable choice based on your specific orthodontic needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Final Word

Stepping into the world of adult orthodontics is a step toward a healthier, more confident you. With a variety of treatment options to choose from, achieving the smile you've always desired is now within reach. At Sandy Smiles Orthodontics, we're here to guide you through this transformative journey.

Your path to a radiant smile begins with a consultation. Schedule your appointment with Sandy Smiles Orthodontics today, and let's embark on this exciting journey together. Your dream smile awaits!


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